Specialty Transfer Hoses

Specialty Transfer Hoses - Flextech Industries

Specialty transfer hose assemblies are used for transferring fluids such as fuel, gas and cooling liquids. They are designed to be heat-resistant, flexible and highly durable.

Flextech specialty transfer hoses are built to withstand the most demanding work environments. The assemblies are insulated to support the smooth transfer of both liquids and gases.

Our Quality

Flextech’s specialty transfer hoses are robust and durable which means they require minimal maintenance. Our design engineers use the latest technology and innovation to develop high quality specialty transfer hose that will suit your application.

Our Selection

Flextech has a variety of different specialty hose options available. From standard designs to customized solutions, Flextech can manufacture specialty hose assemblies for the most complex industrial applications. Our industry-leading manufacturing process ensures that each specialty hose is high-performing, cost-effective and delivered to meet your timeline requirements.

Specialty Transfer Hose Assemblies

Flextech Industries manufactures specialty hose assemblies for the following industrial applications:

  • Jacketed Assemblies
  • Steam and Oil Traced
  • CSA Certified
  • Refrigeration Hoses
  • Chlorine Transfer Hose
  • Cryogenic Assemblies
  • PTFE Lined Assemblies
  • Expansion and Seismic Loops

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