PTFE Hoses

Ptfe Hoses - Flextech Industries

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hoses are used in industrial environments that handle a lot of chemicals. They are built to be non-reactive and are suitable to a variety of different applications.

Flextech manufactures both standard and fully customizable PTFE hoses built to meet exact customer specifications, no matter how complex they may be. Our PTFE hoses are the perfect balance of quality, durability and affordability.

Our Quality

The comprehensive design and manufacturing process at Flextech involves careful testing to ensure that all products meet our strict quality standards. Every PTFE hose that Flextech fabricates is thoroughly tested for performance and designed to last in demanding industrial environments.

Our Selection

With over 36 different types of fittings, each PTFE hose can be fully customized to meet your exact specifications. Customers can choose between metallic and non-metallic braids. Each PTFE hose is constructed to be both flexible and non-corrosive.

For more information on our PTFE hoses, please contact Flextech today.