Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

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Flextech manufactures high-quality metal bellows that help to keep maintenance costs at a minimum. The materials and engineering used to design our bellow capsules help to minimize the effects of pressure and movements on piping. We are able to tailor designs to specific applications.

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Our Work

At Flextech, we manufacture a variety of metal bellows expansion joints including duct type, ring controlled, pressure balanced and more. The sizing of our metal bellows expansion joints range between 3/4” and 144” in diameter and can be customized to meet any specification. We design each metal bellows expansion joint with superior materials to ensure top quality and performance.

Our Technique

We use industry-leading technology and design processes to manufacture our metal bellows expansion joints to fit the exact requirements of our customers. This results in a collection of metal bellows products that are durable, customizable, cost-effective and high-performing.

Our Specialty

Before we recommend a type of metal bellows expansion joint, we take the time to listen to our customers and assess their specific needs. Once we determine what is required, we can recommend the correct material, size and type of metal bellows expansion joint required. The alloy we suggest would depend upon the physical strength, tensile properties and chemical composition the application demands. When it comes to the quality and performance of the metal bellows expansion joint products we manufacture, every detail counts. Our close attention to this detail coupled with our superior craftsmanship puts us in the forefront of expansion joint manufactures.

Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Types

Flextech Industries designs and builds all types of Metal bellow expansion joints including:

  • Duct Type
  • Externally Pressurized
  • Pressure Balanced
  • Hinged & Gimbal
  • Pump Connectors
  • Ring Controlled
  • Expansion Compensators
  • Universal
  • Single 
  • Dual

All Flextech metal bellows products are built with accuracy and precision in mind. Our highly-skilled manufacturing team is committed to producing high-quality metal bellows products that are durable and provide a lengthy cycle life. Through continuous product testing, the manufacturing process at our facility ensures that all end-products are to our customer's specifications.

For a superior, cost-effective metal bellows product at a great price, please contact Flextech today.