T & Flap Diverter Dampers

T & Flap Diverter Dampers - Flextech Industries

At Flextech, we manufacture two types of diverter dampers, the Flap-Diverter Damper and the T-Diverter Damper. Both have specific configurations used for different applications.

Flap-Diverter Dampers

Our Flap-diverter dampers are custom engineered to divert high temperature exhaust gases from gas turbines to the heat recovery boiler or bypass system. They are designed for rectangular and circular cross-section ducts.

Applications of Flap-Diverter Dampers

  • Heat recovery boilers in cogeneration units
  • Gas turbine exhaust
  • Steam generators


Advantages of Flap-Diverter Dampers

  • Low cost
  • Energy efficient
  • Patented Bellowseal® design
  • Temperature compensating
  • Thermally insulated for higher efficiency
  • Innovative blade design
  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting design


T-Diverter Dampers

Our T-diverter dampers are ideal for isolation, bypass and flow modulation when an application requires the diversion of gas flow to another direction. At Flextech, our standard T-diverter dampers come in 90° and 45° configurations.


Four T-diverter seal designs

  • Swing-through Seal: Ideal for dirty applications where tight shut-off is not required.
  • Step Seat: Suitable for relatively clean flue gas applications.
  • Tadpole Seal: For clean applications when tighter leakage rates are required.
  • Step Seat with Perimeter Seal: Designed for clean applications. It comes with an elastomeric perimeter seal on the blade.


Advantages of T-Diverter Dampers

  • Low cost
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Four seal designs to choose from

To learn more about T-diverter dampers, flap diverter dampers and their various applications, please contact Flextech today.