Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion joints - Flextech Industries

Flextech fabric expansion joints help to relieve stress on piping systems and ducting during thermal growth and/or shock caused from thermal variations. We offer a variety of different fabric expansion joints capable of operating in many different environments. Whether it is a simple solution or complex design, our manufacturing team can create fabric expansion joints for a wide variety of specifications. Our products are durable, cost-effective and high-performing.

Our Products

We understand that different industries have different needs. That is why we offer a large collection of different fabric expansion joint designs. Learn more about each of our fabric expansion joint products below.

FC Series Flouroplastic: This PTFE based material works well in high temperature conditions and is effective for both wet and dry services.

FL Series Flouroplastic: This expansion joint material is for low to medium temperature environments and is capable of operating effectively in severe chemical conditions.

M Series: The M Series is a multi-layered fabric material designed to perform in flue gas and hot air applications where extremely high temperatures ranging from 400°F and 2000°F are present.

Our design, manufacturing and service teams are committed to ensuring all of our customer’s expansion joint requirements are met and exceeded. We take the time to listen to our customers in order to understand their demand. Once we determine what is needed, we can recommend a suitable expansion joint product. Our fabric expansion joints come in a variety of styles. No matter what type of air and/or flue gas system our customers have, we can provide a flexible solution that will fit it seamlessly.

To learn more about our fabric expansion joints and their various applications, please contact Flextech today.