Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses - Flextech Industries

Metal hose is useful in a variety of different industrial applications including the transferal of gas and fluids. It is also used to balance thermal pressure and help with misalignment issues. Flextech designs and manufactures high-performing metal hose assemblies that provide longevity, flexibility and strength to any application.

Our Quality

Flextech is committed to designing and manufacturing industry-leading metal hose assemblies. We fabricate corrugated metal hose assemblies for a variety of different applications that are utilized around the globe Our metal hose assemblies are built to perform in extreme temperatures ranging from -382°F to 1500°F.

Our Selection

We offer a variety of metal hose options suitable for many different applications. These assemblies can be constructed from varied materials. We can customize to suit just about any application. We can adjust the size, materials and style to ensure that it is in conjunction with your requirements. Our metal hose assemblies range in size between 1/4” and 30” in diameter and come in the following styles:

  • Helical corrugations
  • 2 ply construction
  • Single or double braid
  • Open pitch
  • Annular corrugations
  • Closed pitch

Our metal hose assemblies are available in the following materials:

    • Stainless Steel – Flextech’s stainless steel hoses are best suited in applications that require a vacuum-tight seal and high-pressure retention.
    • Monel – Monel hoses are suitable to operate efficiently in extreme temperatures ranging from -382°F to 850°F.
    • Bronze – Bronze hoses are best utilized in situations to avoid galvanic corrosion.
    • Inconel – Hoses built from inconel are designed for chemical environments that require non-corrosive materials.
    • Hastelloy – For environments that deal with hot acid, wet gas and extreme applications, the preferred choice is hastelloy due to its flexibility and high-temperature and corrosion resistance.

For more information on the different types of metal hoses available, please contact Flextech today.