Louver Dampers

Louver Dampers - Flextech Industries

At Flextech, our louver dampers are engineered for precise flow control and isolation in demanding environments. These dampers are a reliable solution for many different applications and were designed for quick response, zero leakage and fast operating cycles.

Two designs

  • Single Louver Dampers: For precise flow control and isolation, our single louver dampers have a single row of blades that be configured in either direction. Single louver dampers are ideal for fan inlets when a linear flow is required.
  • Double Louver Dampers: Double louver dampers are equipped with a second row of blades, flexible metal seals and a seal air system. The design provides safe isolation and zero leakage.

Two Types of Blades

  • Airfoil Blade: For modulation or isolation of clean to moderately dirty gas applications.
  • Monocoque Blade: For modulation and isolation in high pressure and temperature, dirty or corrosive applications.


    • Scrubber systems
    • Stack isolation
    • Control air system
    • Balancing systems
    • Incinerators
    • Baghouse



      • Low cost
      • Heavy-duty design
      • Zero leakage
      • Precise flow control
      • Fast operating speeds
      • Minimal outside space needed for support structure

To learn more about our industrial louver dampers and their various applications, please contact Flextech today.