Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints - Flextech Industries

Flextech rubber expansion joints help to reduce stress in piping systems that is the result of mechanical or thermal movements. Built from durable synthetic or natural elastomers, Flextech rubber expansion joints are resistant to corrosion and erosion. They are capable of absorbing movements in piping systems that are the result of thermal reactions or vibrations.

Our Product Range

To meet the unique specifications of our customers, we supply a variety of rubber expansion joints ranging between 1” and 72” in size.

Rubber Expansion Joint Types

Flextech has a large selection of rubber expansion joints that come in a variety of different designs and customizable configurations. We design our expansion joint products to be cost-effective and high-performing for all applications. Some materials that our joints are constructed from include: Hypalon, Neoprene, Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Natural Rubber, etc.

Spool Type: This type of rubber expansion joint is sturdy, reliable and built for heavy duty applications. Customers can choose between single and multi-arch variations.

Wide Arch: Designed and manufactured specifically for piping systems that are prone to abrasions and chemical reactions.

Spherical: For maximum maneuverability with less force, these spherical expansion joints are built for demanding applications

Concentric/Eccentric Reducer : Each piping system is unique. For piping systems that do not have uniform diameters, these expansion joints are ideal.

Offset: These offset rubber expansion joints compensate for any misalignment issues in piping systems.

Filled Arch: High performing expansion joints to minimize accumulation.

Sleeve Type: Expansion joints for high-pressure piping systems. These come with customizable sleeve ends that can be used for clamping to pipes.

Rubber/PTFE Lined: A lightweight solution capable of handling high-pressure and extreme temperatures. These rubber expansion joints will reduce the possibility of erosion.

To learn more about rubber expansion joints and their maintenance-saving features, please contact Flextech today.