What is a Pipeline Expansion Joint?

Category: Expansion Joints

When working with sensitive systems that transfer materials through pipes, one of the most necessary mechanisms to ensure that pipes do not rupture from pressure or strain and that the materials are transferred efficiently is a pipeline expansion joint. Expansion joints come in a variety of materials and, at Flextech Industries, we manufacture these essential components in any size that our clients might require.

What are Pipeline Expansion Joints?

Pipeline expansion joints are connection points between sections of pipe that move, expand, and contract to compensate for pressure from heat-related variation, vibrations from machinery, and alignment imperfections. Expansion joints are also often called compensators, expansion bellows, or flexible joints, and they can be used for a variety of applications, including the transfer sections close to boilers, engines, turbines, condensers, pumps, or heat exchangers.

Expansion joints can be comprised of a variety of materials depending on the application. Metal bellows are among the most common and useful types of pipeline expansion joints, with rubber, fabric, and plastic (such as PTFE) also being used for various circumstances. To ensure that the right type of pipeline expansion joint is used for your function, make sure that an engineer with experience in the field is consulted before implementation.

Uses for Pipeline Expansion Joints

Piping expansion joints can be used in almost any industry that requires vibration absorption and expansion compensation. Some of the industries that these components are most commonly used for include:

  • Energy production
  • Oil refineries and rigs
  • Automotive and engine mechanics
  • Steel and metal processing plants
  • Chemical processors
  • Heating and gas
  • Plumbing

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