What are Inlet Vane Dampers?

The type of damper that you will require for your project will depend on the pressure, volume, and type of material running through the system. One of the best types of dampers for systems dealing with gases and air quality is the inlet vane damper. Knowing what inlet vane dampers are, the different types of inlet vanes, and their applications can ensure that you make the best choice for your project. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a wide variety of dampers for all kinds of purposes.

What are Inlet Vane Dampers?

Inlet vane dampers are a type of damper that can restrict the flow of air in pumping, blowing, and mixing operations. They can be custom engineered to suit various needs and purposes, so they can take a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are typically round and look like fans. Rather than spinning on a center hub, the blades pivot in order to limit the flow of material. These dampers are capable of affecting the rotation of air as it flows through the system, which can help to control pressure and airspeed.

Inlet vane dampers come in two main varieties: center hub and cantilever. Center hub designs provide excellent stability and control, while cantilever inlet vane dampers are low profile and good for applications where particulates might be flowing through the airstream.

Why Use Inlet Vane Dampers?

There are many benefits to using inlet vane dampers. They are incredibly low maintenance, meaning that you can trust their operation once they are installed. Inlet vane dampers operate smoothly and precisely, and they do not typically vibrate when properly connected. The high degree of control that they offer means that you can easily modulate flow.

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