What are Industrial Dampers?

Knowing what industrial dampers are and how they work can provide you with a better understanding of which type of industrial damper will work best for your specific needs. At Flextech Industries, we understand how important industrial dampers are for your building’s industrial ventilation system. That is why we offer a wide range of industrial dampers that can be designed and fabricated to meet your specifications.

What is an Industrial Damper?

Industrial dampers are a critical part of any industrial air system, as it is designed to help control airflow for clean air, airstreams with particulate, and airstreams with corrosive gases. Depending on the application, the industrial ventilation system may require the industrial dampers to be either ducted or unducted. All industrial dampers are constructed from various steel and fibre-reinforced plastic, and are typically applied to shut-off, pressure relief, isolation, fan airflow control, or by-pass applications.

Types of Industrial Dampers

Some of the different types of industrial dampers available include:

Butterfly Dampers

Butterfly dampers are the ideal option for round duct work where low leakage isolation, flow control, or both is required. This type of industrial damper is available in both single and multi-blade designs, which provide low cost isolation and flow control of flue gases.

Louver Dampers

Louver dampers provide quick response, zero leakage, and fast operating cycles, making them the perfect solution for many different applications. This type of industrial damper is specifically engineered for precise flow control and isolation in even the most demanding work environments.

Guillotine Dampers

Guillotine dampers are ideal for creating flow isolation, especially during an inspection or maintenance. With the ability to provide a tight shut-off and complete isolation without taking up a significant amount of space, this type of industrial damper is perfect for a wide range of different industries.

Inlet Vane Dampers

Inlet vane dampers are best suited for applications where fan shut-off and volume control is required. This type of industrial damper is available in two different configurations (center hub design and cantilever design) and can be custom designed and engineered to meet your specifications.

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