Types of Dampers in HVAC

In any industry where gases or liquids are moved through pipes and ducts, dampers are vital to provide control over the flow of materials. There are many varieties of dampers, and it is important to use the right kind of damper for the application at hand. The types of dampers in HVAC vary depending on their location, the ducting structure, and the damper’s purpose. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture and supply a wide range of damper types to companies all over North America.

Dampers for HVAC Purposes

There are many different types of dampers for HVAC applications, and each one can be operated through a variety of means, including manual, mechanical, and automatic methods. Some of the different kinds of HVAC dampers include:

Butterfly Dampers

Butterfly Dampers use a blade on a hinge that is designed to fill the duct when lined up properly in order to restrict airflow.  These HVAC dampers can completely cut off airflow and they are available with multiple blades if necessary. They are also able to prevent backdraft by only allowing air to flow in one direction, making them useful dampers for fire prevention and heating applications.

Louver Dampers

For HVAC dampers with a quick response time and strong air blocking properties, use a louver damper. Louver dampers use flat blades on hinges to fill any size of duct. They are one of the most commonly used types of HVAC dampers.

Guillotine Dampers

One of the types of HVAC dampers that provides the best seal possible is the guillotine damper. These dampers drop into place to completely block off airflow and they are commonly used to provide complete isolation during inspections or maintenance work.

Inlet Vane Dampers

Inlet Vane Dampers are especially useful in applications where precise control of the flow of materials is needed. They are sometimes used in HVAC settings where a facility requires full regulation over its ventilation.

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