When are Metal Expansion Joints Required?

Category: Expansion Joints

Knowing when metal expansion joints are required for piping can help prevent wasting time and money down the road. At Flextech Industries, we understand how important it is to have the right type of expansion joints for your particular jobsite needs. That is why we offer a selection of expansion joints, including metal bellows, that are ideal for a variety of different industries.

How Metal Expansion Joints are Used

Similar to other types of expansion joints, metal expansion joints are designed to deal with thermal expansion by compensating for the movement of heat through materials and component systems, such as pipelines. A metal expansion joint can compensate for both the expansion and contraction of certain materials, reducing or eliminating any cracks or distortions in the material that would otherwise lead to the system failing. Through the use of metal bellows, which are designed to expand and contract with temperature changes, metal expansion joints can easily deal with any natural movement in materials due to an impact from heat or cold.

How to Know if Metal Expansion Joints are Working Properly

Many different types of tests, such as high- and low-frequency testing, heat transfer testing, spring rate testing, metal bellows burst testing, and movement capacity testing, can be performed by a certified professional in order to determine the quality of the metal expansion joints and if they are meeting their standard requirements. When testing expansion joints, it is important to hire a certified professional who has a deep understanding of the engineering and designing requirements of metal expansion joints, as they will be able to accurately determine any potential for failure or system compromise. A certified professional will also be able to determine which testing method is best suited for the particular type of metal expansion joint, as well as the external influences on the operation of that specific expansion joint, such as flow, pressure, ambient temperature, and the age of the joint and system. In the event that a problem with the metal expansion joint is uncovered, a plan can be implemented to prevent further damage or compromise to the system.

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