How to Find Dampers in Ductwork

If you are having trouble with your industrial HVAC or another type of ventilation system, it is important to know how to find dampers in ductwork so that you can replace a faulty mechanism with a new, optimized damper. At Flextech Industries, we produce a massive variety of industrial dampers for all kinds of applications and we can help to ensure you get the custom ventilation solution you need.

Finding Faulty Dampers in Ducting

If you think that your ventilation might not be working properly, it is important to make sure that all of your dampers are functioning properly. Dampers are usually set up to separate zones or to allow for better control of airflow in a ventilation or HVAC system. Finding dampers is fairly simple, once you have access to the ductwork of the system being inspected. Starting at where the ducting comes out of your machine, follow along with the ductwork and look for external motors. These motors will be wired to the control system to open and close a damper at that location. It is also common for the section of ductwork with the damper enclosed to have a different shape than the rest of the ducting.

Diagnosing and Replacing a Faulty Damper

Although dampers can usually be found fairly simply, finding out the best way to replace them can be a bit more complicated and is subjective to the system being operated on and the type of damper being replaced. Dampers for a simple HVAC system will be much less complex than those used in a complicated ventilation apparatus for a manufacturing facility or piece of heavy machinery, so it is important to make sure that you consult a professional before attempting to replace a faulty damper. Some of the common problems with dampers can include:

  • Burned out or broken motors
  • Bent or jammed damper blades
  • Disconnected or frayed motor wiring
  • Dust buildup on zone thermostats
  • Incorrect calibration of thermostats
  • Incorrectly installed control panel

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