Category: Pipeline Expansion Joints

Flextech Store Launch

Flextech Industries are excited to announce the launch of our online store on our web page. We will be listing various items that are in stock and ready to purchase. Please feel free to peruse the store located here: There is also a store link at the top of our home page. Certainly, if […]

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Metal bellows are among the most common types of expansion joints used across a variety of industries. Designed to keep piping and duct systems functioning properly and to reduce maintenance required, metal bellows systems from Flextech Industries are customized for the specific applications of our clients. What are Metal Bellows? Metal bellows are a type […]

Why You Need Piping Expansion Joints

Vibrations, pressure fluctuations, and expansion from temperature variations can wreak havoc on any piping system. Without the right mechanical precautions, many facilities can expect to experience bursts in pipelines and equipment malfunctions on a regular basis. In order to avoid a variety of types of equipment failures, you need piping expansion joints. At Flextech Industries, […]