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What are PTFE Expansion Joints?
Posted: August 3, 2023 | Category: Expansion Joints

A growing number of businesses across Canada are discovering the transformative potential of PTFE expansion joints. These essential components for industrial piping are part of the line of products designed and manufactured by our experts at Flextech Industries. If you are unsure what PTFE expansion joints are and where are they most effectively applied, we […]

Which Expansion Joint is Right for You?
Posted: March 30, 2023 | Category: Expansion Joints

When it comes to piping and ventilation systems, it is crucial to know how to choose the right expansion joint for your specific needs. With so many types of expansion joints available, it can be difficult to determine which option is suitable for your system. This is especially true for complex systems, as you may […]

4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Expansion Joint
Posted: December 13, 2022 | Category: Expansion Joints, Fabric Expansion Joints

Piping systems, duct systems, and fluid/gas transfer systems require the perfect components to ensure optimal safety and performance. That is why it is crucial to understand what type of vibration absorption and expansion joint outfit will be required for your system. While there are many types of prefabricated expansion joints that can be purchased off […]

How do Expansion Joints Work?
Posted: April 27, 2022 | Category: Expansion Joints

Understanding how expansion joints work can help you determine which expansion joint material will work best for your specific needs. At Flextech Industries, we understand how important it is to have the right expansion joints, flexible hoses, and industrial dampers for the job. That is why we have provided some information outlining what expansion joints […]

Expansion Joint Safety Inspection Checklist
Posted: February 24, 2022 | Category: Expansion Joint Safety, Expansion Joints

When it comes to high-pressure systems, a thorough inspection of all equipment and components is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. Failure to inspect hoses, dampers, and expansion joints can significantly increase the risk of injury or costly downtime, so it is always worth taking the time to inspect your system each day. ¬†As […]

Types of Rubber Expansion Joints
Posted: December 9, 2021 | Category: Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are vital components for piping systems that handle various fluids and gases. These units are designed to reduce stress in piping systems caused by mechanical or thermal movements, ensuring consistent flow and reducing damage over time to pipes and hoses. In addition to these benefits, rubber expansion joints resist erosion and absorb movements […]

How to Tell if it is Time to Replace a Rubber Expansion Joint
Posted: September 28, 2021 | Category: Expansion Joint Safety, Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints are vital parts of any piping system regardless of the fluids, gases, and other materials they transfer. If these joints fail, the entire piping system can be compromised and the surrounding environment can be exposed to hazardous materials. Knowing how to tell if it is time to replace a rubber expansion joint […]

Benefits of Custom Expansion Joints
Posted: December 3, 2020 | Category: Expansion Joints

If you are setting up a new piping system, duct system, or other type of fluid or gas transfer setup, it is important to know what kind of vibration absorption and expansion joint outfit will be used. Many types of expansion joints can be purchased and incorporated off the shelf, but some systems require customized […]

How do HVAC Expansion Joints Work?
Posted: June 18, 2020 | Category: Expansion Joints

In any HVAC application, there is usually a complex interworking system of expansion joints to ensure that the unit has compensation for vibrations, pressure, and movement. The right flexible expansion joints can help to extend the life of any HVAC system by a large margin. If you are putting together a new HVAC system, it […]

Fabric Expansion Joints for Ducting Systems
Posted: April 23, 2020 | Category: Expansion Joints, Fabric Expansion Joints

There are many different types of industrial expansion joints that are able to be used in ducting systems and some of them are more ideally suited for flexing with airflow and system movement than others. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a wide assortment of flexible expansion joints for industrial purposes, including fabric expansion joints for […]