4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Expansion Joint

Posted: December 13, 2022 | Category: Expansion Joints, Fabric Expansion Joints

Piping systems, duct systems, and fluid/gas transfer systems require the perfect components to ensure optimal safety and performance. That is why it is crucial to understand what type of vibration absorption and expansion joint outfit will be required for your system. While there are many types of prefabricated expansion joints that can be purchased off the shelf, some systems may require a customized solution to ensure the best results. As a leading provider of flexible hoses and expansion joints for various systems, the team at Flextech Industries knows how important it is to invest in the right components. That is why we have compiled a list of 4 reasons to choose a custom expansion joint for your system to demonstrate why they are well worth the investment.

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4 Benefits of Custom Expansion Joints

There are many different types of expansion joints, each with their own characteristics and benefits. While a prefabricated solution could work for your system, a customized product will deliver optimal safety and performance. When you choose a custom expansion joint, you are choosing a solution that offers the following benefits:

1. The Perfect Fit for Your System

Every piping, duct, fluid transfer, and gas transfer system is unique. If you choose a prefabricated expansion joint, you may be choosing a product that is not completely sufficient for your system. By opting for a custom product, you can ensure that every element of your new expansion joint is tailored to the exact needs of your application and system.

2. Optimized Performance

Expansion joints perform a variety of tasks in every system, from moderating pressure and managing vibrations to providing flexibility at seams. Each of these objectives can be accomplished more efficiently with an expansion joint that is tailored to your precise placement requirements, making them well worth the cost.

3. Easier Installation

Rather than attempting to squeeze a piece into a tight place it was not designed to fit, it is far more beneficial to go with a properly designed custom expansion joint. Custom joints can speed up installation and reduce the risk of installation errors, making for a safer and more efficient facility.

4. Reduced Maintenance

Since custom expansion joints are designed for the precise dimensions and requirements of your system, they will experience less wear and tear over time. This reduces your maintenance and replacement requirements, allowing you to focus on other areas of your system or operation.

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